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247 NewsNobel Winner says Virus is a BIO WEAPON

247 News Trump Says Coronavirus Escaped From Wuhan Biol Lab




Written by Dr. Sol Adoni

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247 News – The Book that will SAVE YOUR LIFE

Coronavirus Started in Wuhan China

The Only Level 4 Bio Lab is in Wuha





In 1995 Dr. Sol Adoni formed Temple of ‘Hayah

He warned 2020 was the year BIOWAR would appear

It is now 2020 and Dr. Adoni is warning us again

This is BIOWAR it is the start of WW3


This book has copies of Interviews given by Dr. Sol Adoni

Warning of the 2020 start of BIOWAR and WW3

The Interviews start in 1995


Since February 27th 2020 the Coronavirus has killed

Over 250,000 People


Daily Deaths are Increasing 2% Daily

Estimate Deaths June 1st 2020

Global Deaths 400,000

USA Deaths 120,000

Death Estimates are by Dr. Adoni founder of AI Think Tank HELIXQ


Coronavirus is a Bio Weapon


Welcome to WW3


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